Latest Interview of CEO OmniSoftex Ahmed Faraz Khan. Ahmed Faraz khan is the Founder and CEO of OmniSoftex. He currently holds the position of CEO at OmniSoftex. Ahmed Faraz Khan is an Innovative Android Developer, and his core skills are designing, developing, testing, and maintaining Android applications and games. Also, cyber Security student and a good learner.

Ahmed Faraz Khan recently launched an online education platform with the name iskillsworld.
iSkillsWorld helps you make the right choices in your career and life so you can live the life of your dreams and explore your fullest potential.

iSkillsWorld is a technology-based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together analytics companies and interested Learners.

Our top-quality training content and internships, and project opportunities, helps students in launching their Analytics journey.
Founded by Ahmed Faraz Khan & OmniSoftex.