Quality Policy Statement

We, at OmniSoftex, are committed to providing effective and information-secured Design and Development of Web Applications for our clients. We strive to provide talented employees who work from our first-class, conducive, safe and information-secured office environment. The employees are supervised with QMS and processes. We strongly believe in the scope for improvement at any point of time. Hence, we are committed to identify opportunities for improvement and implement continual enhancements whenever it is required or, as and when it is identified.

Procedure Of Order

After getting requirements from client’s side we will take the time period of 1 – 2 days to review it. There will be a question answering session with our client to understand and finalize the requirements. Once, we formally done the requirements with client, we ask for the deposit of 40% of whole decided amount in advance and the project gets started officially. The project will be divided into equal phases and deliverables will be provided to client along with complete timeline. With the completion of each phase we send the demonstration to our client to get the feedback. If there is no objection we start working on next phase else the current phase goes to the development team for further changes or modifications suggested by client. After the completion of half phases we again ask for the next 40% payment to our client to deposit. The last 20% payment is demanded just before making the project live on client’s server. After making project live, we give the time of 4 – 5 days to do testing and let us know if client need any changes like modifying styles little bit or colors or see if there exists any error or bug. No new module building request will be entertained by the client’s side on this moment but a little bit changes that will cost no charges.

Payment Method

We use client friendly ways of accepting methods usually from credit card or Payoneer. But if client is willing to pay using some other methods, contact us. We facilitate our client with ease of paying amount.